CPL-AUDIO LC100 is a 2 division design of mid-high array speakers, using a 12-inch woofer and a 3-inch tweeter unit.

Scope of application:
High standard occasions such as mobile performance, stadium, theater, lecture hall and multi functional meeting rooms

Drivers••••••••••MF 1×12” Voice-coil
Frequency(-3dB)••••••••••80-18000 hz
Dispersion -6dB)••••••••••90 °(Horizontal)×15 °(Vertical)
Sensitivity••••••••••MF:96db    HF:110db
maximumSPL •••••••••••135db/aes;139db/peak
Nominal lmpedance ••••••••••MF:8Ω    HF:8Ω
Rated Power••••••••••MF:500w(aes)/2000w(peak)
HF: 150w(aes)/600 w(peak)
Recommended AMP ••••••••••1200 – 3500W 8Ω;
A cpl  d300  Professional Amplifier
A channel push two  tweeter  speakers in parallel lc100,
Power requirement: 1000 – 2000W 4Ω;
A cpl d300  Professional Amplifier
A channel push two  woofer  speakers in parallel lc100.
Frequency ••••••••••1500hz
Finish ••••••••••Black green water resistant paint coating
Connectors ··········2×Speakon NL4MP
Handing Position•••••••••••Professional  hanging system
Net weight ••••••••••26kg (Free hanging pieces)